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Why Should You Apply?

Volunteering with My STEM Help is an opportunity for high-school and college students to gain valuable teaching skills and leadership experience while helping other students in the community. The flexibility in the office hours allows our tutors to maintain a comfortable balance between volunteering and other commitments. While no prior teaching experience is required, it is nevertheless important that our tutors can effectively communicate a concept or idea to students of any age.


As a baseline, it is expected that our tutors excel in their school classes for their chosen subject. While not required, some of our tutors have also had experience in their subjects outside of school, such as participating in competitions (MathCounts, AMC 10/12, AIME, Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, etc.).

All of our applicants are to have a short interview with someone from our team to ensure that they are suitable for our program. If chosen, the applicant will undergo a short but thorough training program and several trial office hour sessions before officially becoming a My STEM Help tutor. 

Click here if you are interested in hosting extra help sessions on your favorite subjects!

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