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How It Works

Our help sessions are designed as live Zoom sessions during which students can drop in for any amount of time they need.  Our student staff are available during regularly scheduled blocks of time each evening. We are dedicated to keeping our service cost-free and highly accessible: there is no booking or RSVP required; students can simply pop in for help with a quick question or with an advanced concept, based on their needs. 

To join the help sessions, we only require participants to sign up and create their own, free MSH membership account through our website (primarily for security reasons). Once a student is verified as a member they will have full access to our service.

In “Sessions,” the scheduled office hours are listed for each subject on a calendar. Students can choose to book a session in advance, or they can simply drop in anytime during the regular schedule. After clicking “Join the Session” on a chosen subject, students will automatically receive an email containing the details and Zoom Link for the session.

Read our Virtual Help Session Guidelines.

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