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Who We Are

My STEM Help is an online, educational platform organized by high school students. Our team of trained volunteers offer high-quality, interactive after-school academic support on a variety of STEM-related topics to grades K-12.

As the global Covid-19 pandemic has altered the structure of traditional classroom settings, many schools have adopted a virtual classroom format, making it more difficult for students to seek out additional support and/or help sessions. Even in a traditional classroom setting, teachers find it difficult to offer consistent support to students during non-school hours. 

By providing live, after-school “Extra Help” sessions, we hope to provide an accessible space where students can seek help for any STEM-related questions while still practicing social distancing at home. We also hope to ease the  burden on busy parents who can no longer rely on after-school academic programs to keep their children engaged.

Our tutors are guided by a volunteer board of directors consisting of six parents and teachers who have extensive tutoring and teaching experience. Our directors are all professionals in education, finance, internet security, and corporate law with advanced degrees in mathematics, physics, computer science, investment and law.

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