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   Virtual Help Session    Guidelines and Etiquette

  • This is our virtual office hour on Zoom. Appropriate classroom behavior is expected.


  • Log into your Zoom meeting from a distraction free, quiet environment. Make sure both your Zoom video and microphone are turned off upon entering the meeting room.


  • Each tutoring session will last an hour and hold 6 students at a time. If the tutors are currently occupied with others, you will be placed in the Zoom “waiting room” and be notified as soon as a spot becomes available. 


  • You may post your question in the “Chat” while in the “waiting room”. Our session monitor may be able to address the question if the solution and explanation can be easily communicated via text.


  • Before you are actually working with a tutor, please make sure your microphone is on mute. This will help to limit background noise. 


  • We’d like to help as many students with their questions as we can during each tutoring session. Therefore it's important to prepare your question, and try to display it on the screen of your electronic device prior to the start of the session. When it’s your turn to ask a question, you can simply use the “Share Screen” feature in Zoom so that our tutors can view the problem and address it right away. 

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