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Updated: Mar 15, 2021

As the Covid-19 pandemic forces students around the world to stay home and schools struggle with remote learning, there have been growing concerns about educational inequality. Parents have voiced their frustration toward the lack of support for their children learning at home. serves students outside the classroom by providing free academic support when teachers are unavailable. We give students access to high-quality, interactive help sessions catered to their individual needs, regardless of location or financial ability. Here are a few free online resources we recommend:

This website has free courses on math from kindergarten to 12th grade and high school sciences. The courses are taught in short video clips. It also provides free online practice questions. Many teachers use their videos as supplementary materials. has now expanded to include classes in computer sciences, economics, history, elementary language arts.

IXL is a personalized learning platform that offers over 7,000 practice modules on Common Core pre K-12 math and language skills. Many school districts set up accounts for students to practice math skills. If your district does not, you can sign up yourself. It also features  science and social studies for second- through eighth-graders.

This is a free online program targeting advanced math students. If you have a child interested in math and needs more challenge than her school provides, check out this website. You need to register at, but the "Alcumus" program is free. There are other free resources on the “Resource” tab at

This organization focuses on helping students who are interested in math and taking part in math competitions. They offer excellent math textbooks and online classes.

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