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Season's Greetings from My STEM Help

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

First of all, happy holidays from all of us at My STEM Help!!

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, whether it's near our home in Connecticut or far away in any part of the world. As the year comes to an end, we feel especially grateful for all of the help and support from our local community!

Since the official launch of the MSH website in early October, we have held online help sessions every week and received very positive feedback -- the students love our high school tutors who are not only great teachers but also role models for the younger students. We are proud that our student membership has continued to grow at a steady pace. In the meantime, we have also been working hard to reach out to more schools and organizations so that more students can benefit from our free tutoring service. Please help us to spread the word!

Enjoy the holidays! Happy 2021!

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