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Testimonials -- “my kids have so much fun learning math”

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2021? I bet learning math is not one of them.

But imagine this -- when you need help, whether it’s homework or test preparation, a friendly math tutor is right in front of you to not only answer your questions but also show you the fun in learning math. That’s exactly how students of My STEM Help experienced during our online help sessions!!

We’d love to share some recent testimonials from students and parents ---

Testimonials from Students

“My tutor rocks. He is so funny. Can I have him again next week?”

“It was like talking to a friend, instead of a math teacher.”

“Sarah is a dream tutor.”

Testimonials from Parents:

“I didn’t even know my kids can have so much fun learning math.”

“So awesome!! Thank you for such a wonderful program.”

“My son got envious that his older sister talked happily with her tutor. Can I sign up for him?”

“My son loved working with his tutor. He thinks his tutor is the smartest person in the world.”

“My seven-year-old actually sat down on his own and stayed focused for thirty minutes studying math. That is a big deal for him.”

“My seventh grader has an A in math. It is the first time ever. Participating in My Stem Help sessions makes her confident in her math skills. Thank you for helping her and keeping me sane.”

“Please thank Stephanie for listening to my son read. He does not usually sit still and read by himself. I heard Stephanie explain to him some of the big words, and realized that I don’t even know them myself.”

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