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Ambika goes to Greenwich High School. She is currently a 10th grader and aspires to do work in computer programming when she is older. She has a lot of experience being tutored and tutoring others. She has been receiving private tutoring in math since when she was 5, and felt like it was a big reason why she loves math so much. Having one-on-one time with a tutor allowed her to get ahead in math and helped her feel much more comfortable with mathematical topics. It’s also what led her to tutoring, so that other kids could build the same comfort in math as she has.

Ambika is also on the track team at Greenwich High School, due to her love of running. She likes to bake, listen to music, traveling and learning about different cultures, and trying out new restaurants. She is also a supporter of the local homeless shelter, Inspirica, which she has raised over $500 for in the past.

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