Stephanie is currently a sophomore in high school. While she has volunteered with many organizations in the past, she finds that working for My STEM Help has been the most rewarding experience, as it merges her passion for STEM with her love for community service. She led the website development from writing the content, to designing and coding the user interface. She’s very excited to have turned her initiative into a real, comprehensive service platform that could really benefit the community.

Stephanie participated in AMC Competitions and Mathcounts throughout middle school, and placed 12th individually at state level in 8th grade. She is currently on the high school math A-Team and Science Team. She has been tutoring math to young kids for several years at Small Hands Count, a New York based non-profit organization. Over the summer, she also volunteered at CCEA, leading a 2-week “Math for Fun” class for local elementary and middle school students. Outside of STEM, Stephanie also enjoys playing piano, hiking, walking her cat (you can meet her during our sessions!), and attempting to reality-shift to Hogwarts to befriend Ron Weasley.

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